BOND KOTE Surface Preparation System "The Right way process"

Bond Kote is a specially formulated two part cementitious coating, designed
to be used as an

 SGM Bond Kote is a specially formulated two-part cementitious coating, designed to be used as an ideal substrate to mechanically bond pool plaster over existing plaster finishes.  

  • Superior bonding capability
  • High flexural strength
  • Eliminates excessive substrate preparation
  • Virtually eliminates delamination problems
  • Saves labor and equipment costs
  • Provides even hydration while plastering


Bond Kote lifetime will be greatly enhanced through proper and regular maintenance. Test and record water chemistry values once a week and adjust as indicated per water-balance table recommendations. Bush entire pool, walls and floor weekly. Remove any debris and foreign materials immediately to prevent staining. Check and maintain filter, pump motor and skimmer baskets to maintain proper flow and filtering action. If unable to perform regular weekly maintenance the services of a qualified licensed pool service professional should be obtained.

Pool plaster



The most comn pool plaster in Arlington is Standard white; tinted plaster comes in a range of blues, greys, and even black. But there are many more options. If you doing pool remodeling in Arlington call Pacific Pool and Plaster for a free estimate.


is a premium blend of crushed quartz, white cement, and mineral-based pigments. QuartzScapes® merges beauty and strength for a stunning pool finish. Natural quartz is one of the world’s strongest minerals and NPT’s QuartzScapes® interior pool finishes create reliable beauty that will last.


gives your pool or spa the natural beauty of a pebble-bottomed stream with a StoneScapes® pool finish. An inviting selection of colors and textures allows pool owners to express their unique style. StoneScapes combines artistry with durability and comfort to create the perfect finish for any pool or spa.

Pool Tile


 We have a vast array of tiles and styles of tiles to choose from.  Glass, glazed, solid colors, patterned, quarzite , and simulated stone to just name a few.  Typically, the main tile work for your pool is along the waterline just below the coping.  The tiles define your pool's interior shape and allows for easier cleaning at the waterline.  You may also want to incorporate tile work into the bottom of your pool to add character and details, such a mosaic pictures or designs.  Check out a sampling of the many types and styles of tile available here: National Pool Tile Group - Tiles and Noble Tile Supply.

Pool Coping


 Coping is essentially the finished edge of your swimming pool.  The basic coping options are:  flagstone style, bullnose, and safety grip.  A flagstone style coping is flat on top but with a slightly rough edge.  It's great with the more natural looking pools. Bullnose coping is the basic smooth finished style with a rounded edge while safety grip is almost identical except that it has a curve to it to allow easier grip if you're treading water near the edge or climbing out of your pool.  Many colors and finishes are available.  See some examples at a couple of our sources:  Noble Tile Supply & National Pool Tile Group.