Clay Coping Pavers in Arlington and DFW Metro



Coping is essentially the finished edge of your swimming pool. There are many options such as concrete pavers, precast coping, Artisan series, procelain pavers and clay coping.  

Clay Coping Pavers


 Clay coping pavers are very popular for many reasons. Natural clay bricks used for Coping are known for their high strength, easy installation, durability and ease to repair. Clay coping is a great addition to any backyard pool design. They are slip resistant, easy to maintain and they don't fade, keeping their inital color. Need pool coping in Arlington?  Let Pacific Pool and Plaster help you choose your clay coping pavers in Arlington.

Maintenance of Clay Coping

Clay coping maintenance

 Pavers are generally maintenance free. Cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner is a common way to clean them when needed. Over time, age can take its toll but pavers can be resanded to bring back to original finish. 

Durability of Clay Coping


Clay Coping won't crack or spall with freeze and thaw cycles. If by chance a paver does get chipped or damaged they are easy to repair. The damaged paver can be pried out and replaced with a new one. It is that simple. This makes pavers very cost efficient when it comes to repairing.

Color Options


Clay coping offers a wide variety of stone color options from red, grey, iron, brown, used white and many more.

Design options


For the edge of the pool there are several options with clay coping. You can have the Traditional Bullnose, Brick Pavers, Safety Grip Bullnose and more.