About Us

What we are.

Our company

Pacific Pool Plastering has a single mission: complete customer satisfaction! We among one of the largest pool companies in the DFW Metroplex. We have specialized in the pool renovation business for over 15 years.Family owned and operated we always go out of our way to train our employees and always provide a safe work environment.Many companies offer pool service, new pools and or retail.We on the other hand have mastered the renovation process and have our own workers in house and never use any type of subcontractors like many companies tend to do.Communication will never be a problem having the owners direct number.

Our Work

Our motto "Pool perfection,every time" is a significance of our pride we take.The key to our companies success is our crews and there capabilities.The owner and crews have been working alongside since our company has been up and running.Respect and honesty has always been part of us always providing crews with plenty of work but also not overloading them allowing them to take the time necessary to complete the job in a fair and reasonable amount of time. Our work is always the highest any company can offer and the customer will always be updated to date.Always taking pride and joy in our work we will always give the highest quality renovation.

Our customers

Our one and only goal is to go out and beyond leaving the customer imaginably satisfied.Always being on punctual gives the customer a comfort knowing they are our top priority.All our customer see we are different from other companies and our reviews are something the can back that up.

Our prices

We understand prices can vary from very low to an excessively high price varying from company to company.Anyone can offer a offer a very low priced job use cheap material and project a good quality job when in reality it is a cheap quality job taking short cuts.We have always offered a fair price knowing we will perform excellent and quality work for our customers.